Hey Pamyu Pamyu Puffs!

I feel like this announcement has been a long time coming, and I think some of you knew it would happen. I’ve been dreading writing this post and have put it off for about 2 weeks.

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted any translations in a long time. I went on hiatus several months ago for personal reasons, and since returning, I’ve lost the drive to continue updating this blog. The original purpose of this blog was to practice translation while I took a translation course at university. Being a fan of everything KPP was just a bonus. I was very surprised when my follower count continued to increase everyday. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my translations.

This blog has since grown beyond what I ever imagined. I would continue to update and add more elements to my blog - if I actually had the motivation to do so. I worked on translations as a means to improve my Japanese, and at first, Twitter translations were pretty difficult for me. But in these (almost) 2 years, Twitter no longer poses a challenge to me. It’s great that my Japanese comprehension has improved, but in doing so, it’s rendered the original purpose of this blog pointless. Although translations are simple, actually uploading pictures, doing the translations, formatting everything, making the posts, queuing the posts - it’s become a burden. I’m not overworked or terribly busy, but the last thing I want to do is update a blog when I come home every day. Feeling the obligation weighing down on you is more stressful than you would think.

I feel like I’m being roundabout in my explanation. I’ll just be blunt: yes, I’m going to stop updating this blog. It’s become an unnecessary responsibility in my life and I feel like its original purpose has long since expired. I hope there’s no hard feelings about this. I’m grateful to each and every one of my followers! I genuinely mean it. Without you guys lurking around, I wouldn’t have been able to improve my Japanese. I’m so grateful for everything this blog has taught me. I feel like I’ve grown so much, in my Japanese comprehension, and as a person.

But now it’s time for me to bring this era to a close. I hope you enjoyed your stay here! If there’s one thing that KPP has taught me over the years it’s to be true to yourself. Don’t let others tell you how to live your life. Take control of it and be awesome!

If you were ever interested, here’s my personal blog. Feel free to drop by and say hi! I’ll check up on PNT for the next few days so I can answer any questions anyone has.

Once again, I’m really sorry for ditching this blog. I hope everyone understands.

Good bye, teacher, my friends
Arigato yuki kudasai
Boku dake no heya kara yume no hajime ring ring

<333 Marisa

(140625) The PV for ‘Kira Kira Killer’ has been released! The theme is the afterlife from a positive outlook. The concept has a dark fantastical feel to it

(140622) Yasutaka Nakata came to Singapore to see my concert! Woo hoo!

(140621) I’m at Haw Par Villa

(140620) Amaaazing

(140620) In high spirits at the botanical garden ⤴︎

(140620) WOO (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 

(140619) Currently in Singapore

(140619) Currently in Singapore

(140618) 'Train HELL' by charisma.com is such a cool song

(140618) 'Train HELL' by charisma.com is such a cool song

Anonymous asked: I don't understand the point of this blog

Thank you for your constructive input? lolbye

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(140617) Outfit of the day. That’s neglegee

(140617) Yesterday I went to a BBQ by the Tama River with some people I just met! It was super fun! Woo ⤴︎

(140617) Yesterday I went to a BBQ by the Tama River with some people I just met! It was super fun! Woo ⤴︎